Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SHOOTING STAR ... The Gopher’s Gigi Marvin Takes Aim At The Olympics - And Her Family’s Legacy

Warroad's Gigi Marvin broke the record books at Warroad High School on her way to earning the 2005 Ms. Minnesota Hockey. Gigi, now a Golden Gopher, keeps aim on following in the legecy of her grandfather, and Warroad's Mr. Hockey, Calvin Coolidge Marvin. Section 8A Hockey website congratulates Gigi Marvin, a true small town hero!

Courtesy Of Minnesota Monthly:

By: Jay Weiner

The Old Man was sick, and Gigi Marvin feared he might get upset by the news. So she reluctantly entered his room inside the modest home where he lived on Steenerson Street in Warroad—a long slap shot from Lake of the Woods. It was August 2004. At the time, Gigi was the one of the most prized college hockey recruits in the country. After visiting Harvard and Dartmouth—the best women’s hockey programs on the East Coast—she had decided that the University of Minnesota was the place for her; she wanted to be a Gopher. That’s what she had come to tell her grandfather, Cal Marvin, who had long been a supporter of Minnesota’s fiercest hockey rival, the University of North Dakota. “Hey, Grandpa,’’ Gigi said. “Is it all right if you see me in the maroon and gold?’’

If she had been born in any other family, or grown up in any other town, such news would have been cause for relief, if not outright celebration. The U of M was relatively close to home, and the Gopher women’s hockey program was among the best in the country.

But Gigi Marvin did not grow up in just any family or just any town. As she evolved from high school superstar to current Gophers standout to potential Olympian, she couldn’t dodge her genes or cast off her geography. History and DNA were wrapped around her like the laces on her skates. With her 5-foot-8-inch, 165-pound body, the one that glides so easily around opponents, she has become a human milepost on hockey’s highway. She plays and everyone watches. She’s a Marvin, after all, and she’s from Warroad.

It was once a rugged sport, reserved for toothless guys with names like Moose, the kind of stubby-bearded sorts Cal hung with after games in Thunder Bay and Whitehorse, Canada. Now, hockey is a different game, with new kinds of standard bearers. One is a rink rat named Gigi.



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