Tuesday, February 12, 2008

State of Hockey: Hockey Day in Minnesota Quick Hits

Courtesy of The National Anthem Before A Cubs Game Blog Site:

Saturday was Hockey Day in Minnesota, and I was one of a number of people (specifically, "eight") who dragged themselves out of bed early so I could see the beginning of the coverage at 9 a.m. For about fifteen minutes, I was even working on a running diary of the whole day, but it quickly became apparent that not only would this be a bad idea, but it would be 15,000 words long and probably be the death of anyone who tried to read the whole thing. Overkill, in other words. So instead, here are a few random thoughts and reflections on the whole day, in no particular order:

Anyone who really wants the state to go back to one class for high school hockey needs to watch the Lake of the Woods game and the Hill-Murray game back to back again. Match up the Pioneers and the Bears, and if you laid a betting line, it'd look like the New England Patriots were in the game; take LotW and the +13, I think. There are a handful of Class 1A teams that could compete in 2A, for sure - St. Thomas Academy, Warroad, Duluth Marshall, etc. But apart from maybe 10 teams that wouldn't be overmatched, there's just no comparison between 1A and 2A hockey.


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