Thursday, December 13, 2007


11/27/07 at Lake of the Woods (8A) (Baudette Arena), 7:00 PM
12/01/07 Fort Frances (ON, CN) (Hallock Ice Arena), 2:00 PM
12/09/07 Wadena-Deer Creek (6A) (Hallock Ice Arena), 3:00 PM
12/15/07 at Fort Frances (ON, CN) (Memorial Sports Centre-IFK), 4:15PM
12/18/07 Red Lake Falls (8A) (Hallock Ice Arena), 7:00 PM
12/26/07 vs. Eveleth-Gilbert/Mesabi East (7A), (Evelelth Hippodrome), 8:00 PM
12/27/07 vs. TBA (Eveleth Hippodrome)
12/28/07 vs. TBA (Eveleth Hippodrome)
01/03/08 at Wahpeton/Breckenridge (ND) (Sterns Sports Arena), 6:30 PM
01/05/08 Park Rapids Area (8A) (Hallock Ice Arena), 2:00 PM
01/08/08 Thief River Falls (8A) (Hallock Ice Arena), 7:30 PM
01/11/08 at Bagley/Fosston (8A) (Albert Kaiser Arena), 7:00 PM
01/12/08 Devils Lake (ND) (Hallock Ice Arena), 2:00 PM
01/15/08 at Red Lake Falls (8A) (Cardin-Hunt Arena), 7:00 PM
01/19/08 Detroit Lakes (6A) (Hallock Ice Arena), 3:00 PM
01/22/08 Bagley/Fosston (8A) (Hallock Ice Arena), TBD
01/25/08 East Grand Forks (8A) (Hallock Ice Arena), 7:30 PM
01/26/08 Fargo Shanley (ND) (Hallock Ice Arena), 3:00 PM
01/29/08 at Crookston (8A) (Crookston Civic Arena), 7:30 PM
02/01/08 at Park Rapids Area (8A) (Park Rapids Comm Center),7:30 PM
02/02/08 at Wadena-Deer Creek (6A) (Wadena Comm Center), 3:00 PM
02/07/08 Lake of the Woods (8A) (Hallock Ice Arena), 7:00 PM

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE KC....phenomenal...and the coach is HOT!