Saturday, December 15, 2007

Warroad 6, Hibbing 2 Box Score On 12/14/07


First period - 1. H, Mack Estey (Anthony DeCenzo, Aaron Jambeck) :34; 2. W, Bryce Ravndalen (Mark McDonald) 9:44; 3. W, Ravndalen (Ian Mosher, Michael Pieper) 13:08

Second period - 4. H, Ryan Hagelman (DeCenzo) 6:46; 5. W, Ravndalen (Brett Hebel, McDonald) 7:12

Third period - 6. W, Ravndalen (Jeremy Hahn) 6:41; 7. W, Hahn (Brock Nelson, Andy Stoskopf) 9:09; 8. W, Nelson (Hebel, Ty Larson) 16:30.

Goalie saves - H: Tim Larson 6-9-12 - 27; W: Jared Paquin 2-1-3 - 6


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Estey kid, he took two years off, and is back playing for Hibbing. Already has 9 points including 4 goals from the Defensive position.

Oshie-Blogs said...

Bluejackets 1:

Thanks for the message today. I will keep a close eye on this prospect from the Range.

Nothing better than watching a game at the old Memorial Arena there in Hibbing. To think all the greats playing in that hollowed arena.

After coaching (5) years at Hockeytown USA, (4) with the Warriors, that old barn was one of my favorites along with Roseau and Coleraine.

Basketball is very dear to my heart and Kevin McHale will always be an idol to this writer.

Hope you enjoy the new site of Section 8A.